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Kapawi Ecolodge

Kapawi is the most remote jungle lodge and reserve in Ecuador. The lodge is located in the heart of Achuar territory and the local community is managing the lodge after years of training. Kapawi is internationally known mainly because it has shown an alternative to petroleum exploitation through eco-tourism. The lodge is ecological run and has solar energy and garbage recycling. The lodge and reserve are close to the Rio Pastaza but can only be reach by small planes and a trip by canoe.  The lodge consists out of 20 double rooms with private bathrooms, sun heated showers and a wide terrace. In total the lodge can host 40 people. At the lodge there is also a bar, library and boutique.

The Kapawi Lodge does not offer fixed programs. The programs can be designed by your guide and your group. What you choose is the difficulty of the tours in which one you will participate.

Easy: Short hikes up to 1,5 hour, visit a community and trips in canoes.
Moderate: Medium distance hikes up to 3,5 hour, trips in canoes and visit to a community.
Difficult: Hikes of many hours, often flooded trails, stay in tents with community, journeys to virgin areas and trips to inaccessible rivers in inflatable rafts. (excellent physical condition required!)
* Choose according to your physical condition, not your age!

Activities available at Kapawi

  • Hiking: Easy, moderate or difficult, in tropical rain forest  visiting Achuar Communities.
  • Bird watching.- approximately 2 hours long, generally this activity starts early in the morning, at 6.00 am.
  • Kayaking & Canoe Trips.- Kayaking can be done a long short rivers like the Capahuari (shown above) or some lagoons near the lodge. The canoe trips can be taken along larger rivers as the Pastaza.
  • Fishing.- is available at the Lodge.
  • Camping.- this activity depends on the guests decision. Our staff carries the food and equipment to the camping area, we will try to give our guests the same services as they were staying at the lodge. Please notify us in advance if you wish to participate this activity. 
  • Achuar Community visits.- This is one of our most popular activities offered in Kapawi, because of the significant cultural contribution to the Achuar people. We give our guests a briefing about the Achuar Culture, their ethics codes and some suggestions about how to behave during the visit.   You will have the opportunity to see a community and its members and purchase some traditional handicrafts.
  • Self-guided path.- is about 45 min and takes you on a path in the immediate vicinity of the lodge.
  • Caiman (crocodile) watching.- This activity is done at night because these reptiles are nocturnal animals.
  • Night Hikes.- This offers the opportunity to see a different perspective of the Rain Forest and different nocturnal animals and insects.  

Note: Families traveling with young children we highly recommended to hire a private guide for the group.

Land transportation Quito - Shell - Quito: $60,00
Flight Shell - Kapawi - Shell: $274,00

3 meals daily, purified water, excursions, guide, river transportation and visits to communities.

Not Included:
Bottles of water, alcoholic drinks, entrance fee ($10,-), contribution for the community ($2,50 per night), transportation Shell – Kapawi – Shell and transportation Quito – Shell – Quito and specials packages.

*Land Transportation is optional should the guest prefer to make their own travel arrangements to Shell. Kapawi cannot be held responsible if client misses the air transportation.

**  Weather conditions are unpredictable in the tropical rain forest and occasional delays can be expected.  We recommend you to consider adding an extra day on the end of your visit to Kapawi to make sure you meet your connecting flights to your next destination. 

Lodge info:

Kapawi Ecolodge

Available trips:

Days Price (in US $)
4 839,00
5 1049,00
8 1509,00

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