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La Selva Jungle Lodge

The Selva Lodge is located in the pristine Amazon jungle about 2,5 hours travel by motorised canoe from Coca. The Lodge comes of native design; rustic, authentic and comfortable. The Selva Lodge consists out of 17 cabins built in the traditional style, each with its own toilet and hot shower. All located on a hill overlooking a lake named Garzacocha. For the guests there is a hammoch lounge and a bar available. The different activities are done in small groups, max 8 people per guide. Each day you decide with your guide and group which activities from the list below you will do that day. There are 3, 4, 5 and 6 day programs for the Selva Lodge.

Different kind of activities the Selva Lodge offers:

Acha Huagra Trail: Cross Garzacocha Lake, walk through virgin forest appreciating the giant kapok tree (Ceiba pentandra) and the Strangler fig tree (Ficus sp) along with some other plant and animal species that can be seen in the trail; arrive at the lodge for lunch. It takes about four and a half hours for the whole loop.

Parrot Clay Licks: Visit the Yasuní National Park for the whole morning in order to appreciate an unique site where parrots, parakeets and macaws concentrate in order to gather the minerals that will help them to digest the fruits they have consumed.

Danta’s trail: The duration can vary between 3 to 5 hours. Cross the Napo River and arrive at a challenging mountainous trail which offers yet another ecosystem. It is a chance to see birds and other wildlife nowhere else seen.

Garzacocha-Mandicocha-Mandiyacu: A 3 to 4 hour trip. Follow the Mandicocha trail until you reach Mandicocha Lake which has a completely different ecosystem called Igapo Forest, board paddle canoes for a one hour glide down Mandiyacu stream. One easily sees the myriad of wildlife that presents itself along the shores of the stream.

Walk to Silverio’s house: Cross Garzacocha Lake. Two and a half to three hour walk on a purposely underdeveloped trail which has some physical challenge. Most of the walk takes place in primary forest and at the end it passes by the huts of our indigenous neighbors near the Napo River. There is a great possibility to discuss about the Kichwa people life style, and visit an indigenous family.

Chawamango trail: Head east at Mandicocha trail head and walk back to Garzacocha lake. 3 - 4 hour walk. Surprises can be found on the way.

Matapalo trail: This is an introductory walk perfect for the day of your arrival. Here you will have the chance to appreciate the particular Strangler Fig (Ficus sp), Azteca ants (Azteca trigona) lots of bright and beautiful heliconia plants and the Rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) among other surprises!

Toucaneta’s trail: This is a short 2 hour walk around the lodge where you will get a general idea of the tropical rainforest (flora, fauna & microfauna).

Little Chawamango: Short trip by foot around the edge of Lake Garzacocha. Return by canoe to the lodge.

Observation tower: Not far from the lodge you can spend a couple of hours observing birds that move around  the canopy, perhaps monkeys and wildlife of all kinds, and of course, a wonderful view of the Amazon Basin.

Night excursions: Canoe rides are done in order to listen the nocturnal sounds and to look for fishing bats, nightjars, some insects and possibly to get a glimpse of the caimans. Walking excursions give us the possibility to encounter with nocturnal creatures such as; Tarantulas, Whip-scorpions, toads and frogs, but possibly as well with snakes.

Butterfly Farm: Available every afternoon. Close to the lodge, watch and photograph butterflies at close range. With any luck, witness the miracle of metamorphosis.

River transportation from Coca to the Lodge, accommodation, 3 meals daily, English speaking naturalist guide, kayaks, fishing drop lines, canoes, rubber boots etc.

Not included:

Entrance fee Yasuni National Park($2,-), Ticket Quito-Coca-Quito, personal expenses and tips.

Lodge info:

La Selva Jungle Lodge

Available trips:

Days Price (in US $)
1 730,00
1 880,00

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