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Casa del Suizo

La Casa de Suizo is located on the shore of Ecuador´s majestic Napo River, at the beginning of the jungle. Perched comfortably above the riverbank and the small Quichua Indian village of Ahuano. All of the rooms provide full electricity, private terrace, hot water and ceiling fans to make your stay more comfortable. In la Casa del Suizo you also can enjoy the swimming pool, the outdoor dining area and a pool bar.

At the moment that you arrive in la casa del Suizo you
can discuss by group and guide which activities you would like to do. Possible activities are:

Misicocha: 15 minutes upstream by boat to the private reserve of la Casa del Suizo. A hike from 1,5 hour up to 4 hours in the primary forest. On the way back a refreshing ride downstream in a raft made of balsa wood.

Culture: After a short boatride you will arrive to a Quichua family. Try the most common drink and use a blowgun. Then a 30 minutes walk back to the village for a ceramics workshop. From there another stop at the wooden craft workshop where they will demonstrate how a piece of wood can be turned in to a beautiful bird.

Butterfly farm: At a 15 minutes walk of la casa del Suizo you can find the Butterfly farm.
Guests will be shown how these animals are bred and raised. Afterwards you’ll be able to walk through the ‘living room’ where hundreds of butterflies butter from flower to flower (entrance fee $4,-).

Cosano: After a 20 minute boatride you will arrive in Cosano. There are walks of different lengths (1 to 3 hours). From two different views you can overlook the village Ahuano, the Rio Napo and some smaller rivers. Back in the river Arajuno there is the possibity to cool down or take a swim. If passengers would like to visit the animal rescue station Amazoonico it is possible (entrance fee adults $2,50 and children $1,-).

Lavado de Oro: When the river is fine, you can make a small trip by canoe down the Napo River. There you can observe the traditional way of looking for gold. The native guide will explain and demonstrate how the gold is washed through the use of a trough.

Kayaking / Rafting: Napo River (class III) or the Misahualli River (class IV – IV+).
Rafting trips are not operated by la casa del Suizo, when you are interested please contact us. The trips start in Tena, around 45 minutes from la Casa del Suizo.

Accommodacion, 3 meals daily, excursions, native guides, taxes and rubber boots.

Not included:
Extra drinks, tips, entrance fee of different parks, transport Quito – hotel – Quito and the canoe ride to go and come back ($15,-)

Lodge info:

Casa del Suizo

Available trips:

Days Price (in US $)
1 99,00
2 198,00
3 297,00

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